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The Sourcing Guys' Proprietary Value Chain

Are you tired of hiring a procurement consultant, just for them to tell you "Run an RFQ!"? We have all done this song and dance dozens of times only to be back where we started with thousands of less dollars in our pocket, thanks to these "top procurement consulting firms". The Sourcing Guys, out of Southwest Michigan, have the answer you have been looking for. After working in purchasing at several organizations from small companies of only 10 employees to mid-size organizations to multi-billion dollar corporations, The Sourcing Guys continually saw the same thing in every procurement organization. 

The Problem. Every strategic sourcing and supply chain organization The Sourcing Guys have seen have had GLARING inefficiencies. After years of procurement optimization in numerous companies' supply chain management and procurement management organizations, The Sourcing Guys came up with the solution. A solution that will forever change procurement management.

The Solution. Outsourcing your Procurement management and Supply Chain management teams. Other procurement outsourcing companies will offer you a solution that conforms their business needs at an exorbitant cost. We have developed tools over the years that has allowed us to provide a proprietary procurement outsourcing process solution to your procurement and supply chain management needs. With this proprietary solution, we are able to give you the opportunity to outsource purchasing and outsource supply chain management from your organization while increasing the efficiency of those organizations and releasing you from the headache. Allowing you to more focus more on growth and increasing that bottom line.


Sourcing Consultancy can be very costly, but with more value added than other strategic sourcing consulting firms, The Sourcing Guys can provide the procurement consulting services you need at a price you can afford. Providing affordable procurement consulting services to small businesses that need it at the value of a larger procurement consulting company is what makes us one of the best procurement consulting firms.

Industries with Purchasing Outsourcing and Purchasing Consulting Opportunities

Achieving Goals - Using your Sourcing and Procurement Consultant

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Tired of the constant juggling act you have to perform at the worksite? The Sourcing Guys' prurchasing outsourcing services can answer your prayers.

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Having to order supplies, books, materials, calculators, computers.... The list goes on and on. Don't worry, we have you covered. Our purchasing outsourcing strategies are just for you. You will soon realize that the words procurement and outsourcing belonged together all along.

Sourcing fuel and electricity can be tedious and mind numbing. Why not save time and money and use our tail spend outsourcing team to tackle the problem?

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The Sourcing Guys are big foodies, so this hits at home for us. Let us take this burden off your plate by using our procurement outsourcing team, so you can focus on making money.

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It is critical to get your medical supplies and devices in a timely manner. Allow The Sourcing Guys to use their proprietary solution to ensure you will never have a break in your supply chain again. Use our Procurement Outsourcing service now.

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Bedding, Lamps, TVs, cosmetic supplies, decorations....It's all too much to manage. Not for The Sourcing Guys. We have you covered. Just enjoy the savings! Try our Procurement Outsourcing service. You will be glad when you see your savings and didn't go to one of those high priced purchasing outsourcing companies.

Having to constantly expedite orders and spending too much on additional freight? Using The Sourcing Guys as your procurement outsourcing service provider and supply chain management, you will never have to worry again.

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You're in this business to sell, not buy. Thankfully you can use The Sourcing Guys and their procurement outsourcing solutions to keep you focused. You will love your new procurement outsourcing providers. Our team offers more value than the supposed top procurement outsourcing companies at a fraction of the cost

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Key Strategic Sourcing Services

The Sourcing Guys have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations while offering a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs including procurement bpo, procurement consulting, and RFP management to . Learn more about the improvements we can help you achieve and contact us today.

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Strategic Sourcing Outsourcing

Have no procurement or supply chain team? Needing additional support, but it's not in the budget? Enter "The Sourcing Guys." Allow us to take on the burden and you can get back to focusing on projects that would prefer to be working on. Procurement Outsourcing is the answer for you. Allow The Sourcing Guys to step in and use their Strategic Sourcing Outsourcing Solution to give your procurement management everything they need.

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Purchasing Consulting

Is your procurement or supply chain team spending hours a day on a menial task? Optimize it! With a quick dive into your operations, The Sourcing Guys, your procurement strategy consultant can provide the answer through our strategic sourcing consulting. Our proprietary solution will provide more value than the supposed top 10 procurement consulting firms at an affordable cost.

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RFP Project Management

RFP project management can be messy and distracting. Our proprietary RFP management tool provides you with the results, organization, and analytics you need. RFP Process Management is simple and enjoyable when The Sourcing Guys step in.

Allow The Sourcing Guys to employ their event management RFP team to provide you with quick and easy results and analytics. Now you can sit back and enjoy the positive results.

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