About The Sourcing Guys

The Expert Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, and Supply Chain Advisors

The Sourcing Guys, out of Southwest Michigan, have had experience in procurement for over 40 years at small businesses, medium sized companies, and Fortune 500 corporations. The one common theme that each of the founders noticed at each company was that their procurement and supply chain teams, regardless of company size, have GLARING inefficiencies in many, if not all of their processes.

Through many discussions and meetings, the founders decided to start The Sourcing Guys. We were driven through our passion for small business, the backbone of America. We have spent decades improving processes and streamlining procurement and supply chain organizations. Many of the small businesses that each of us worked at did not have the funds to gain access to the resources needed to streamline those efficiencies if we had not come along to do so for them. Additionally, they struggled to maintain those processes after we left due to replacement personnel not having the tools that we possessed and the funds necessary to keep up with the changing world. 

After many hours of development, we were glad to announce that The Sourcing Guys had built the tools, processes, and systems to provide small businesses the procurement and supply chain management solutions that they need at a cost they can afford. Our Procurement Outsourcing option provides small businesses with a procurement and supply chain management team at less than half the cost of hiring an in house employee. Our procurement and supply chain consulting services are an affordable rate, that also provide your team with the training and tools to move forward long after we're gone, something that the larger firms will not offer. Lastly, our RFP management helps drive cost savings that you will receive year over year and you will still receive that ROI.

Although, we are built to manage companies with revenues over $500 Million, our solutions were designed specifically with small businesses in mind. Our mission is for small businesses to see a savings in annual overhead, a savings in their time spent focusing on procurement and supply chain issues, and a savings in piece price year over year. When you work with The Sourcing Guys, that's exactly what you will get.