Procurement Analytics

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Procurement Cherry Pick Analysis.png

Cherry Pick Analysis

Cherry Pick Analysis can provide you with a quick high level overview of your potential cost reduction opportunities. With The Sourcing Guys' Procurement Outsourcing service, we will provide you with these opportunities while doing a deeper dive to identify more.

Procurement Cost Breakdown Analysis.png

Cost Breakdown Analysis

A Cost Breakdown Analysis can take the Procurement Analytics a step further by showing the build up of costs within a part for each supplier. Our Procurement Outsourcing service will offer this as an additional step to our analytics.

Procurement Best of Best Cost Breakdown

Best of Best Cost Breakdown Analysis

The Best of Best Cost Breakdown takes the cost breakdown analytics a step further by showing the most of efficient price possible for your part or product.

Procurement Analytics Linear Performance

Linear Performance Pricing

A fourth analytical tool that we will use to help identify opportunity costs is Linear Performance Pricing. This is a regression analysis that shows the delta of part pricing compared to "the best cost line."