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The Sourcing Guys have worked at their fair share of small businesses in their more four decades in procurement and supply chain. We understand the struggles that many small businesses have and that is a lack of resources to optimize their processes while being able to identify cost savings opportunities. Luckily for you, we have solved both problems and finally at a price you can afford that those other procurement consulting firms cannot provide.

With our affordable procurement consulting option, we can provide you with the solutions that those large, overpriced procurement consulting companies pushed you away from. With The Sourcing Guys' proprietary tools and solutions that we have developed, we create more value those other strategic sourcing consulting firms offered without breaking your bank in our procurement consulting solution. Check our Procurement Analytics to get a taste of what our solution provides making us a top procurement consulting firm.

There is a lot of complexity in procurement and supply chain that accompany many annoying and tedious tasks. Our sourcing and procurement consultant solution will allow us to conform to your business needs, so that you don't have to completely change the formula. 


Cleaning up those tedious tasks to spend more time on important work like identifying cost savings opportunities has always been a dream and The Sourcing Guys will make that a reality. So allow us to come in and provide some advice and use our global procurement consultant tools and solution to optimize your processes to make your organization more efficient. Now you can do what you always wanted, spend more time on organizational growth!

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Over the years, The Sourcing Guys have gone through many process improvement projects. These include, but are not limited to automation of a total landed cost tool for Fortune 500 companies, automation of purchase order management process, inventory management system, and of course our proprietary procurement consulting and outsourcing solution and tools.

When entering an organization through our sourcing & procurement consultant solution, we will come in and identify and analyze any waste opportunity. Our team consists of well seasoned professionals that have gained Six Sigma Green Belts and Six Sigma Black Belts. Much like in the process of creating our tools and solutions that allow us to provide you our procurement consulting service at a price that is affordable, we will use our Six Sigma tool box to tackle the waste that we identify in your processes.

We know what your team is looking for in a procurement consulting service and that is exactly what we will provide with our procurement consulting solution. The time savings that come with the cost savings provided with our procurement consulting solution will pay for itself over and over again through lower overhead and year over year piece price savings.

So allow us to take care of your burden by removing the waste in your processes. Our procurement consulting solution will give you the opportunity to begin focusing on value added projects and growth.

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Do you know that your small business is overspending, but you are struggling with understanding how to capture that opportunity? Have you approached "the procurement consulting firms" for help just to be bombarded with exorbitant prices out of your budget that you're not even sure if you will see a return on investment?

Enter The Sourcing Guys. With our proprietary solution and tools, we are able to provide you with the procurement consulting service that you need at a fraction of the price of those big firms, all while using the same tools that reach the same results. 

As you can see on our procurement analytics page, we offer the same analytical solutions as the big firms, but only in this case you can actually afford the procurement consulting service. We will be able to provide you with procurement analytics such as LPPs, cherry pick analysis, and best of best cost breakdown analysis. These analytics can provide you with a directional understanding of where your pricing should be in the regression analysis. Additional analytics, such as the cost breakdown analysis, allow us to do a deeper dive into understanding the opportunity available by looking at the data on a more granular level. Unlike those larger firms, we do more than just  provide you with the analytics showing the cost savings opportunities. We know you want to see how we identified those opportunities. When you use The Sourcing Guys' procurement consulting solution, we will also teach your team how to identify these opportunities in the future.

With our procurement consulting solution, we not only provide value for the present, but we also give your team what it needs to succeed in the future. Although we will always be there for support in the future, we want you to have the tools you need to succeed if you want to do so without our support. 

Additionally, we can help you capture more cost savings through your contracts. Our contract management team provides support in our procurement consulting solution, so that you can go into negotiations confident and be able to capture year over year savings through your long term agreements.

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Streamlined Efficiency equate to Time and Cost Savings - Procurement Management Consultant

Together with your team, The Sourcing Guys' will develop new processes and/or identify the cost savings opportunities that your team has been looking for.

We have the tools to not only provide you with the answers in our purchasing consulting service, but we can also help show you how to use and develop those tools on your own. This type of value added service is not easy to find and certainly not offered by those big procurement consulting businesses at a price that allows you to see a full return on your investment.

As we know, your strategic sourcing strategy can change regularly. If you are opting out of our procurement outsourcing, we will provide you with the tools you need to manage an efficient procurement and supply chain team on your own.

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. With The Sourcing Guys' procurement consulting service we will deliver streamlined efficiency to free up your time for you to really show off your strengths in other value added areas. This understanding of what is needed for small businesses is why The Sourcing Guys has become a top 10 procurement consulting firm for small businesses. Our strategic sourcing consulting firm, located in Berrien County, Michigan is exactly what your small business needs and will help you grow year after year.

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