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purchase order management

Inefficient purchase order management is one of the leading causes in inefficient procurement management. Procurement BPO services can help with this issue and prevent your company from facing many of the problems that can occur from not having the proper solutions in place to maintain efficiency. The Sourcing Guys' procurement outsourcing services can solve this problem for your small business. Our procurement outsourcing strategies solution gives us the opportunity to manage your purchase ordering system at an affordable price. No longer do you need to get lost in a pile of purchase orders, because you will be using The Sourcing Guys' procurement outsourcing for small business.


Our purchase order management is a proprietary solution that can help your team avoid missed sales opportunities, inability to fulfill orders, and not maintaining sufficient volumes that is not offered by other procurement outsourcing providers. These benefits along with many others are what you will gain by utilizing The Sourcing Guys' procurement outsourcing service. Why spend extra money and time on this overwhelming task, when you can have experienced professionals from Southwest Michigan take on the burden while providing you with continuous cost savings? 

The University of Michigan is a great resource on additional Strategic Sourcing information.

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As if procurement management was not frustrating enough, then you have to deal with supply chain management. Calculating landed costs, understanding freight terms, tracking shipment times from suppliers.....Focusing on all these cost drivers are not going to help you with growth, but allowing The Sourcing Guys to manage these issues with their procurement outsourcing service, while finding additional cost reduction opportunities for your company, will give you that opportunity to focus on the growth that you need.


Our supply chain management team is included in our procurement outsourcing service. With our extensive experience in supply chain management, including the development of automated total landed cost tools and solutions for Fortune 500 companies, we can give you a clear view of your total cost of ownership. Many small businesses, unfortunately, are unable to afford a supply chain team themselves, but The Sourcing Guys are happy to be able to provide this service to our clients with the procurement outsourcing option. 

The Sourcing Guys have a lot of experience in procurement at many small companies. We know that this additional value added solution provided in our tail spend outsourcing service will save your company money in other areas that are rarely analyzed in many small businesses. As we are able to identify opportunity costs in your freight needs, we will also support your negotiations on freight rates.

Investopedia's Supply Chain Management article goes into detail on the importance and value add of a supply chain management team. This value can be added to your organization using The Sourcing Guys' BPO procurement outsourcing solution, which many of these details are not provided by other procurement outsourcing companies. Our procurement and outsourcing strategies and tools are unique and proprietary offering automation and savings not provided by other procurement outsourcing service providers.

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This is where many small businesses miss out, not by choice, but due to lack of resources or know how. The Sourcing Guys gives you the opportunity to gain all of the procurement management and supply chain management resources that you always needed through our procurement outsourcing service.


When you use the procurement outsourcing service with The Sourcing Guys, we will not only manage your procurement and supply chain teams, but we will provide you with cost savings opportunities. Using our proprietary solution and procurement analytics such as Linear Performance Pricing, Cost Breakdowns, and Spend Analytics, we will identify cost opportunities and report them to you on a regular basis.


These procurement analytical tools, along with others will identify opportunities within your procurement spend that you did not know existed. As you can see in the link above, these analytics can provide us with ways to identify cost reduction opportunities at a high level then begin going into a deeper dive on how we can capture that opportunity. When you use our procurement outsourcing service, we will walk you through this process and deliver the savings you need. 


You will wish you would have used our procurement outsourcing and supply chain management outsourcing solution years ago. Our sourcing is your success!

Procurement Analytics and procurement pr

The Sourcing Guys understand that it is not easy to just simply hand over management of one of your most important teams, but we can put your mind at ease with our regular reporting that we offer with our procurement outsourcing service. Despite the workload that our procurement outsourcing solution removes from your organization, along with the cost savings provided, there can be some anxiety that comes with having another firm manage your procurement needs.


However, our proprietary procurement outsourcing process allows us to generate full reports and presentations on a regular basis for your executive team to analyze and understand the value being provided by The Sourcing Guys. These results will be able to put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on your truly value added work and organizational growth, once you realize the value chain added to your organization from The Sourcing Guys. The Sourcing Guys are here to help your small business succeed, so we are able to conform to your business needs with our procurement outsourcing service and not the other way around.

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Negotiations can be one the most anxiety ridden parts of the strategic sourcing process. We all want to come to an agreement that works well for both organizations that are included in the negotiation. However, it is always important that you get the best possible deal for your company. The best way to do that is through another solution that comes with our procurement outsourcing service, negotiation management support.


It is important for all negotiations to be fact based and with our strategic sourcing outsourcing service we offer those facts to support your position. The data gathered in our analytics, RFP management, and supply chain management will allow us to have a clear understanding of what we need for our positioning in the contract and pricing negotiations. Negotiations can be tough and not having the necessary tools and information to support your stance, it is easy to get lost in the discussions. The Sourcing Guys' will provide you with everything you need going forward and will be there with you every step of the way with our solutions not provided by other purchasing outsourcing companies.

After using our BPO procurement outsourcing solution, you will know that procurement and outsourcing always belonged together, which is why The Sourcing Guys is one of the top procurement outsourcing companies for small businesses. So if you are ready to hear more about this tremendous value added Southwest Michigan procurement outsourcing service, do not hesitate to contact us now and we can answer all of your questions.