Procurement Services Plans & Pricing

Maximizing Organizational Efficiency

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. The Sourcing Guys have over 40 years of experience in purchasing and supply chain at small businesses, medium sized manufacturers, and large Fortune 500. We have seen nearly every unique situation and know that we can provide a solution. The easy solution for you is to allow us to take over your purchasing and supply chain departments while you reap the benefits. Not only will you receive a substantial cost savings in overhead, we will do the work of finding cost savings with your suppliers, managing negotiations, and loading purchase orders.

Starting at $24,999 per year.

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RFPs can cause a lot confusion and headaches, but they don't have to. The Sourcing Guys have managed billions of dollars in RFPs and have the tools to make it an easy process while providing your team with easy to understand analytics and data.

Starting at $999 per month.

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The struggle most organizations have with their purchasing and supply chain departments, if they even have them, is complexity. The Sourcing Guys have a long history of streamlining processes and increasing the efficiency by as much as 95% for everyday tasks. Our team can step in and do an analysis of your processes and significantly cut down on your tedious and time consuming procurement activities. 

Starting at $999 per project.

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Struggling with a purchasing or supply chain issue and need some experienced advice? You have come to the right place. The Sourcing Guys can get your over that bump with a simple phone call.

Starting at $89 per hour.

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