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Supplier Selection can be one of the most overwhelming parts of the RFP Management process. When working through an RFP, we need to first identify suppliers that would actually be able to complete our investment management RFP system.


With thousands of potential suppliers available for every RFP, RFP Management can get beyond frustrating and sloppy and rfp management software does not help that any. On top of sifting through all of these potential suppliers, we need to identify those that can actually meet our specifications without giving up quality. Oh and let's not forget the fact that we need to ALSO find a supplier through the RFP management process that can get meet our needs at a cost that works for us. 


All of this makes the RFP management process daunting and time consuming. This takes away from value added work that every small business could be focusing on.


Using The Sourcing Guys' affordable RFP management solution, you can get rid of the headache, while saving money and working on growth of your organization. No longer do you need to spend your precious time trying to go through databases to identify suppliers who may or may not be able to provide your company with value, The Sourcing Guys have you covered.


With our dedicated RFP analysts on our RFP management team, you will have the professionals that you have always needed to manage your headache. These dedicated professionals will provide you with all of the necessary information you need to make the right supplier selection, including procurement analytics and landed cost values. Our sourcing is your success!

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As if dealing with trying to identify suppliers wasn't unsettling enough. Now you have to deal with dozens of different, unique quote templates from each individual supplier, spending more time focused on event RFP management. How are you supposed to organize all of those quotes in a timely fashion while still providing value to your organization? This is not an activity you want involved in your value chain. 

The Sourcing Guys will use their unique quote template for your asset management RFP needs. This proprietary, coded quote template allows us to quickly and easily analyze the quote we receive from your RFQ. With a click of a button, all of the procurement analytics that you need will be generated using this quote template, all while easily combining each unique supplier's quote information together for easy evaluation of the RFP.

This proprietary standardized quote template is not only used in our RFP content management system, but also in our procurement outsourcing solution.

Each founder of The Sourcing Guys, out of Southwest Michigan, has spent their time in small businesses and we understand the struggle that can exist through the RFP process management and strategic sourcing processes. We are happy to have been able to develop a solution that allows us to provide these valuable RFP management tools to many small businesses that couldn't otherwise afford them while still providing a cost savings for the organization.

So eliminate the confusion and headache that comes from Request for Proposal management and allow The Sourcing Guys to provide you with the solution you have been craving.

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Now let's put all of the results together and see where we are at. As mentioned in the Quote Template section, with our RFP management solution, we are able to use our proprietary, coded quote template to automatically generate the procurement analytics that your organization has been wanting for years.

Our dedicated RFP analysts will begin the RFP management analytical process by running an LPP (Linear Performance Pricing). This type of analytical tool provides us with a high level directional figure of where we should trust that the quotes will end up by developing a "best cost line". This "best cost line" that we use during the RFP management process will allow us to approach the supplier to understand what is driving the "outliers" from not being at the best cost line. Our LPP page goes into more detail to understand the purpose of the LPP analytics. Also, Medium.com offers a great in depth look at what type of value The Sourcing Guys add by driving discussion with an LPP through our RFQ project management solution. Project Management RFQ just got easier.

Upon receiving the quotes, The Sourcing Guys' dedicated Request for Proposal analysts will go to the next step of the RFQ management process and will begin to run a cherry pick analysis. This is a simple high level overview of what your savings calculation would look like if you simply selected the lowest cost supplier for each individual part or product. 

The Sourcing Guys' dedicated Request for Proposal analysts will also run a cost breakdown analysis and best of best cost breakdown analysis. This analytical piece of the RFP management process will give us the ability to really look at where your cost reduction opportunities are at a very granular level. 

These procurement analytics are just a few of the analytics that our RFP analysts will offer with The Sourcing Guys' RFP management solution. RFP Analysis can become baffling and our RFP management solution solves this problem. All of this at an affordable price to small businesses, so you can get the support that you need at a price within your budget.

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We would love to say that your favorite part is The Sourcing Guys' taking over your RFP management process, so that you can avoid the headache, but let's be honest, the savings that you receive from The Sourcing Guys' RFP management solution is your favorite part

On top of the overhead savings that you will realize by not going with an overpriced alternative solution, that doesn't offer nearly as much with their services, or managing these pesky RFPs inhouse, you will also realize major savings in your RFQ results. When you see that bottom line grow from the lower overhead, lower cost of goods sold, and bigger growth of revenue, you will wish that you used The Sourcing Guys' RFP management solution years ago. 

So kick back and let The Sourcing Guys, from Southwest Michigan, 

take the reins while you enjoy the positive results and savings from our RFP management team. And we will look forward to working with you time and time again in the future. Our sourcing is your success!

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